Day 1.Thimpu.Evening flight to Paro via Delh.Drive to Thimpu. Spend the evening at your leisure.Accomodation  Amankora Thimphu.
Day 2.Thimpu.Your choice of sightseeing and local excursions or enjoy a scenic bike ride through the countryside.
Day 3 -Punakha.Depending on how you are feeling, drive or cycle to Punakha.Accomodation Amankora Punakha.
Day 4 -Punakha.Spend the day at your leisure or your choice of local activities.
Day 5-Gangtey.Drive or cycle to Gangtey.Accomodation Amankora Gangtey.
Day 6-Gangtey.Your choice of local activities or at your leisure.
Day 7-Bumthang.Cycle or drive to Bumthang.Accomodation Amankora Bumthang-
Day 8-Bumthang.Your choice of activities or spend the day at your leisure.
Day 9 .Transfer to Paro for your onwards flight back to home.

VIP Experience

 Amankora Thimphu.Situated in a pine forest in the upper reaches of the Thimphu Valley, Amankora Thimphu is a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Kingdom's booming capital. Dzong-like architecture incorporates high stone, white-washed buildings accessed through an enclosed arrival court. Stairs lead from this entry point to a dramatic combined living and dining room with soaring ceilings and wood panelled walls. Adjacent is a flagstone outdoor dining deck with views over the nearby stream and blue pine forest. This sumptuous experience is complimented by a fantastic spa. 
Amankora Punakha.This delightful lodge is reached by crossing a pedestrian bridge over the Mo Chhu River and is situated amidst lush rice fields, with views to the Punakha Dzong. The eight suites, divided between three rammed-earth buildings, are situated in an orange orchard gazing across the fields to the Punakha Valley beyond. All suites feature wood panelled interiors and a traditional wood burning 'bukhari' stove. The living room and dining area are located in a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse which once belonged to the queen mother. There is also a delightful sun terrace for dining out or just relaxing in the pristine surroundings. Yoga, massage and a steam room are all provided to make your stay as relaxed as possible. A private dinner in the queen mother's farmhouse is a must. 
Amankora Gangtey.Positioned on a forested knoll close to the valley floor is the luxurious Amankora Gangtey. A winding track leads guests through the forest and descends to the lodge that enjoys sweeping views of the stunning valley landscape and fields of dwarf bamboo and potato crops. The lodge accommodation and guest areas are encompassed in one rammed-earth building. The combined living and dining room is appointed with cosy chairs, sofas and family style dining tables, providing views through floor to ceiling windows of the valley and surrounding mountains. Two massage treatment rooms and changing areas, and an intimate yoga/meditation room are provided on the lodge's ground floor. 
Amankora Bumthang-Bumthang is the most recent addition to the Amankora family of five lodges in Bhutan. Overlooking established orchards and skimming the grounds of one of Bhutan's royal palaces, the lodge offers a library, comfortable living room, regal dining room and cosy spa with three treatment rooms, a steam room and changing areas. 

Package Details

At Bliss Luxury we believe that luxury is in the experience and this tailor-made tour of Bhutan delivers on both counts. Be an adrenaline junkie by day whilst relaxing by the pool in the evenings. This trip incorporates the best of both worlds from start to finish, combining thrill seeking with spa treatments. Cycle through some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, whilst staying in its very best hotels.
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Las Vegas
  • 4 Nights Accommodation in Utah
  • 2 Nights in Tuscon
  • 2 Nights in Scotssdale
  • Airport&Internal Transfers included.
  • All meals included .Jain/Vegetarian Options Available
Best Time to Visit:
Spring is the favourite time to visit Bhutan. Nature lovers who are keen on local flora should consider visiting Bhutan end of April or in May. Flowers would be in full bloom then.Fall is another high and crowded season for Bhutan. Though Bhutan does not offer browning forest nor Maples, the mild weather in autumn makes it a perfect time to visit Bhutan. Thimphu Festival usually takes places at the end of September or early October.

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