VIP PAX delivers the most Luxurious travel experiences across the globe. Private Jet, Luxury Yacht, Presidential Suites at the best addresses, 5 Star Dining, Private Concierge, Personal Butler & Security Services, Black Limousine Service, Access to the most exclusive events. We deliver bespoke, seamless, end-to-end managed travel experiences to make your dreams come true.


Air Ticketing

Air Ticketing: 

How many times have you said to yourself, your friends or loved ones "Hey let's do something special". The time is now to get the most out of your life. At VIP PAX it is our continuous endeavor to create the journey of your dreams, and provide you with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Living to our name VIP PAX, we are committed to offer you the best VIP Experience in Air Travel, you desire and we deliver, be it flying by a private chartered jet or exploring the landscape with Private Chauffeurs we can arrange anything you wish and expect from us.

Luxury Car Rentals

Luxury Car Rentals:

If you think riding a limo is only a billionaire's cup of tea, then it's time to change your perception. VIP PAX can arrange the most dreamed and luxurious cars for you in unbelievable prices, Think of Limousine where a personal driver driving you to places, or experience the thrill of speed with a Ferrari, if you still want more we have Fantasy and vintage cars for you. Leave all your Luxury car rentals service on us and pack up for that special VIP Experience.

5 star Hotels

5 star Hotels:

Luxury Experience is all about the tiny things - the personal touches that show you someone cares. A lavish stay at 5 star hotels is always a choice of luxury enthusiasts. We offer some of the most luxurious 5 star hotels at affordable price, we can customize your stay with any time upgrade options with add-on perks. We offer great rates at the most comprehensive, hand-picked collection of luxury hotels around the globe.



Get the ultimate yachting experience with VIP PAX. Extraordinary experiences are what we believe make us into the unique people we become. Thus, we offer an extraordinary Luxurious environment where these wonderful experiences can take place. What else can be a better place for this experience than a private yacht specially booked for you and your loved ones. Allow us to exercise our comprehensive acquaintance in all aspects of yachting to assist you to select the right Yacht! We offer you the most premium range of luxury yachts available for a memorable cruise.

Chartered Planes

Chartered Planes:

Holiday is not just visiting places; it is about that extraordinary experience. With always expanding industry and unique travel ideas travellers expect more from their journeys. VIP PAX aspires to meet and exceed your luxury travel expectations. Moving ahead with this goal we offer you some of the most luxurious chartered planes, right from private Jets to personal chauffeurs we have everything to make you feel VIP. We can arrange absolute private travel services and provide our clients the best available charters at the best value.

Luxury Vacations

Luxury Vacations:

A dedicated private butler, villas with private pools, relaxing spa, incredible views and pristine sandy beaches is a perfect idea for your luxury vacation. Whether you are going on a honeymoon, planning a once-in-a-lifetime romantic marriage proposal or celebrating your anniversary we have everything in our bucket to provide you that ultimate luxury vacation. We at VIP PAX present you our handpicked selection of the very best travel experiences in the world's most amazing destinations. We work with select partners to provide essential services to make your travels run smoothly.

Destination Weddings and pre Wedding Shoots

Destination Weddings and pre Wedding Shoots:

Every affianced couple likes the idea of having a destination wedding, after all, who doesn't get thrilled at the outlook of going somewhere beautiful and unique to exchange promises and tie knots. At VIP PAX we work very closely with every couple and spent adequate time and personal attention since we definitely believe it's your big day and it should be memorable to you and everyone who is blessing you with their presence. Be it the pre wedding shoot, a bachelorette, a Sangeet function or that great reception event. Right from the first date till your honeymoon we can assist and cater our services in every aspect of your wedding.



Marriage is bliss, an eternal relation that unites not just two families or persons, but also two souls with a pure union for a lifetime. After months of planning and execution you've finally tied the knot, life just takes a new turn towards love, ecstasy and romance. Such a promising bond in life, why not adds some more fondles of romance and love with a pleasant honeymoon trip. Some may say, it's Paris or Rome. For someone else it's the enchanting islands of Maldives. The possibilities for the ideal honeymoon are apparently endless. At VIP PAX We offer you some of the most loved honeymoon destinations around the globe handpicked by our travel experts —destinations that let you bring back a lifetime's worth of romantic memories, just pick up the most appealing destination and let love do the rest for you.

Festive Events

Festive Events:

Our world is full of excitement and fun loving people, and these festivals are solid proof. Festivals award us life-changing experiences, packed into a few days, which renovate you from exhausted commuter into free spirit, and opens your mind through music, art, poetry, and performance.

These Festivals demonstrate the rich cultural legacy of the people. From mass food fights, such as grape throwing festival in Australia and Tomatina festival in Spain, to Tomorrowland festival in Belgium or baby jumping fiesta, there is something for everyone. With VIP PAX celebrate some of the most unique and remarkable celebrations from all around the world. Festivals that have attracted millions of people from around the world partying, drinking and having the time of their lives. With VIP PAX Experience life the way it should be lived.