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As the name suggests, we have some of the most splendid and outrageous one of a kind, once in a lifetime set of experiences which will dazzle the eye and fascinate the mind. These opportunities promise to be a watershed moment in the traveller’s holiday. From driving an Aston Martin on icy terrains to driving the aerodynamic F1 car in an actual F1 race track. From flying a fighter jet plane and witnessing it tear up the sky in supersonic speeds to being on location where the R.M.S. Titanic sank. You will be taken 12,500 ft deep into the heart of the Atlantic Ocean to explore the mystique and the rummages of probably the world’s most iconic ship. Our team has handpicked some of the finest and thrilling once in a lifetime adventures, let’s make each holiday count.

Aston Martin On Ice is a breathtaking opportunity to hone your skills on challenging courses under the expert guidance of our professional driving instructors.The thrill of experiencing an Aston Martin in such an outstanding environment guarantees to take the magic of Power, Beauty and Soul to new heights. If you have a passion for driving, Aston Martin On Ice is open to you, regardless of your previous experience. Our expert instructors will be on hand to guide you with their first class knowledge every step of the way.

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