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Our Wow portfolio offers another unique vacationing proposition for the upper crest. Enhance your style and taste as you upgrade your wardrobe with momentous shopping trips alongside the world’s top fashion designers. We have the choicest of shopping trails available, where the best of New York, Milan amongst many will conjure up haute couture for you. At your disposal can also be a private tour to the Designer Watch Museum in Geneva, Switzerland as you bear witness to the timeless art of watch making. Create your own unique timepiece as the expertise and knowledge of the very best team up with you. Let us inspire your sense of style. A host of shopping trails have been designed find out more here

Spend a day with a top fashion designer in one of the world’s most iconic shopping cities. Let the designer curate your wardrobe and educate you on the best styles and designs to suit you, providing you with a wealth of fashion knowledge – not to mention some beautiful new items – to take home with you.

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