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The crème de la crème of aviation is yours to pick and choose for the ultimate travel experience. Here, a flying machine waits in accordance with all the essentials of personalized travel. Our travel and aviation experts aid in navigating flexible schedules, landings at airports both close to major and faraway destinations, factoring in the size of your travelling party. Let’s redefine luxury travel for you

Individually, every destination on this Around the World itinerary would top any traveler’s must-see list. Combined they create a journey that is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Over 24 days, you’ll explore firsthand the richness the world has to offer, capturing the spirit of discovery, all from the comfort of our private jet. You’ll be intrigued by our destinations as you uncover the secrets of Easter Island and the allure of the Taj Mahal. On safari in Tanzania, you will spend hours surrounded by a vibrant ecosystem, a truly remarkable experience. And the warmth of Fiji’s culture and the serenity of a sunrise at Angkor Wat will stay with you well past our farewell dinner.




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